A learning place for students with learning differences.

Services provided by Allan Hauskens, Professional member of Association of Educational Therapists

Serving Students with Dyslexia, ADHD, NLD and Asperger Syndrome

Educational Therapy

The educational therapist (ET) develops goals and objectives based on findings from an assessment profile or a screening to create strategies and alternative methods to learn. The student, parent and ET follow progress in reaching goals.

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Student Learning Archive - SLA

Students log into their private and secure learning archive that is accessable by students, parents and invited professionals. The SLA contains the notes from each session and student progress on learning goals.

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Assistive Technology

Diablo Valley Educational Therapy helps students to incorporate Assistive Technology in their study routines and all of their subject areas. Assitive Technology is more than learning the features of software or hardware.

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ADHD & ADD Tutoring

We do more than highly customized one-on-one ADHD & ADD tutoring. We change students' outlooks. Once students see that they can succeed, perspectives begin to change from failure to success. Our ADHD & ADD tutoring helps students close knowledge and skill gaps, as well as acquire proper study skills and routines.

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On-line Classes and Home School Support

Language arts, math and science support for on-line courses for students taking on-line independent learning programs or being home schooled. One-on-one support for concepts, skill acquisition, organization and planning.

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Free Consultation

A free one hour consultation to go over learning issues and potential strategies to help your child reach their academic potential.

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The first thing students realize about Mr. Hauskens is that he is a “cool” guy who is easy to talk to about any topic. But even as he maintains this demeanor, Mr. Hauskens employs his serious-minded talent for making math concepts—and their application—progressively more understandable. It quickly becomes obvious that Mr. Hauskens cares about his students. He frequently goes out of his way to let parents know that their student seems more stressed or more relaxed about the work, which often helps parents to gauge more accurately how life is proceeding outside of the tutoring session. Mr. Hauskens will also coordinate with school teachers to assure that his work blends in seamlessly with the curriculum. We highly recommend him!

--Vincent R.

My son's been going to DVET for ADD for five years. In 6th grade, even with small class sizes at private middle school, my son was not getting it. He was discouraged and close to giving up on even trying. One-on-one attention from DVET turned that around. Allan was the first person to connect with my son, and engage him in a constructive academic way that his teachers had been unable to. It was a key event in my son's academic turn around. Go see DVET for ADD/ADHD.

--David F.

Allan Hauskens worked with my child at her school for 5 years two to three times per week. She has several learning disabilities plus ADHD. Under Allan's guidance she became far more organized, much more aware of and attentive to deadlines, gained skills in writing papers, math, and learned strategies necessary for her to "learn to learn." Allan understands kids and adolescents with learning and attentional issues and he both challenges and supports them. My daughter really enjoyed working with him. Both of us recommend him highly.

--Ingeborg M.

My son was unable to attend classes at his boarding school for the last few months of his senior year. Allan kept in touch with all of the teachers, and kept him on track in every course. With Allan's help, he was able to graduate with the rest of his class and move on to college the next fall. I don't know how we could have managed it without him.

--Brandt A.