ADHD/ADD Tutoring

Diablo Valley Educational Therapy knows ADHD. Here are some of the most common ADHD issues that Diablo Valley Education Therapy can solve with your child. Fill out the free consultation form to the right and we will customize a plan for your child’s academic success. Or call us at 925-683-7677.

Gaps in knowledge or skills that are interfering with learning class content. Structured, multisensory remediation to close knowledge and skill gaps. Remediation closes skill gaps resulting in enhanced student confidence. The most effective teaching technique for ADHD tutoring incorporates multisensory approaches that utilize the three modalities of auditory, visual and tactile learning.
Procrastination on projects, poor test scores, and a general feeling of being overwhelmed by school assignments. Creating a rationalized process for getting work done that incorporates models to help students to be successful. This includes developing a practiced study routine, customized study guides, project management, and an incremental and repeatable writing process.
Unable to prioritize and allocate time to getting all homework assignments completed in addition to staying on top of projects and independent reading assignments. Utilization of project mentality for completing daily work flow. Breaking down daily outputs into smaller definable units that can be completed and celebrated. Each day students practice project management and through repeated practice acquire important skills that will enable them to accomplish longer more complex tasks.
Test scores that are significantly below their potential. Over time this erodes student morale and confidence. Utilizing current brain research on the formation of long term memories, students practice and review content and skills that result in automaticity and mastery. The students practice self-awareness to determine whether they are learning the material and are formulating stable long term memories. This skill is a life skill that ultimately transforms an ADHD student into a life-long learner.
Student history of being unable to use study techniques, templates or assignment tracking devices given to student in a classroom environment. ADHD coaching includes modeling the skill by tutor or coach. The learning coach will model skills first. Students will incrementally practice skills with coaching support. Gradually, coaching support will lessen and student will demonstrate ability with skill without any prompting or support from the coach. This incremental process is repeated with each new skill taught to the student by ADHD tutor.
Accessing learning models or notes from coaching sessions. Diablo Valley Educational Therapy utilizes SmartBoard technology during each student session. This creates a digital record of the session that the student can refer to at a later date. All notes from sessions are kept private and are password protected. Notes are located in the cloud and are available whenever they are needed.

Once students see that they can succeed, perspectives begin to change from failure to success. Setting and exceeding moderate goals for closing skill gaps and implementing productive study routines opens the door to setting academic performance goals. Once students achieve academic goals they are practicing mastery skills that will serve them in reaching future academic and life goals.

Prior to ADHD coaching, students did not think subject mastery is a realistic goal for them personally. With Diablo Valley Educational Therapy’s support in constructing, perfecting and mastering their personal learning strategies, their sights are set higher because their confidence and self-esteem reflect their acquired learning competencies.

ADHD students in middle school or high school can struggle in more than one area of school. Their inattention can affect their ability to accumulate knowledge in the classroom environment. Their knowledge base can have frustrating holes that interfere with learning new concepts that rely on previously learned curriculum. Also, ADHD students can have a last minute study habit that does not result in creating stable long term memories. Their persistent habit of studying or cramming the night before a test may get them through a series of tests for basic courses but as skills and knowledge accumulate into an expected knowledge base they have also accumulated significant gaps.

Basic skill and knowledge gaps will undermine the acquisition of more advanced curriculum leading to a self perception that they cannot learn advanced concepts and skills. Diablo Valley Educational Therapy’s ADD tutoring helps students close knowledge and skill gaps, acquire proper study skills and study routines which enable our students to succeed in advanced classes and reach their academic potentials.

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