May 18, 2013: Association of Educational Therapists Study Group – Math Panel

Speakers:  Gretchen Teutring, Allan Hauskens, Jenifer Steele and Jamie Keller

Location:  Home of Alice Pulliam—277 Molimo Drive, SF

Special educators and general educators once shared a similar approach: teach math as a basic set of skills by using direct instruction and teacher-supervised work. But the past two decades have seen reforms in math instruction, designed to encourage students to more deeply explore the practice of mathematics. Students with learning disabilities can find it difficult to recognize the patterns or to sustain the focus or perseverance needed to take advantage of this current pedagogy. Another trend in math education has been the introduction of concepts at much earlier grade levels than in the past. Ms. Treuting’s talk will address the “discovery-style” math curriculum (and its speed-up) found in the classroom that educational therapists must now address with their LD students.