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The Learning Archive is a password protected communication and file storage area. Communication strands with student and the parent are preserved. Also Smartboard notes from each session are available as a reference for students and parents.

Diablo Valley Educational Therapy offers students and parents a Learning Archive for what transpired during the learning session and between sessions. This is a private and secure location for the communication strand between the student and the learning coach/ET. This conversational strand is viewable by the parents. In addition, there is an additional private and secure loaction for the communication strand between the parents and the learning coach/ET.  Also, parents can authorize guest viewers from their child’s professional support team to view one or both the student site and parent site.

Smartboard notes viewable by students after session

Smartboard notes viewable by students after session

Features of Student Site –

  • Student and parent access to all Smartboard notes from each student session
  • Current goals for educational therapy
  • Session goals (located in Smartboard notes)
  • Progress  towards goals (located in Smartboard notes
  • Student deliverables for next session (located in Smartboard notes)
  • Student and learning coach/ET generated Smartboard notes are available for any session
  • Review skills worked on during any session (located in Smartboard notes)
  • Maintenance of conversational strand between student and learning coach/ET
  • All features viewable by parents or invited guests (members of child’s professional support team)
  • Platform for students to contact learning coach/ET for on-line support between sessions


Notes from session viewable from parent site.

Notes from session viewable from parent site.

Features of Parent Site –

  • Follow student progress toward reaching goals set up in Learning Agreement Letter
  • Follow student progress towards reaching goals set up for any session
  • View student deliverable for the next session
  • View student and Learning Coach/ET on-line conversational strand
  • Invite members of child’s professional support team to view parent and/or student page
  • Maintains the conversational strand between the parent and the learning coach/ET

Student and parent pages are maintained for all students with a Learning Agreement Letter. Email Allan at or call 925-683-7677 for more information.

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