Time Management

Students need routines to manage homework assignments, materials and projects

Time management training includes the development of homework routines that helps students get work done.

Services are provided by Allan Hauskens, professional member of the Association of Educational Therapists and an affiliate member of CHADD. Allan works with the kinds of learning difficulties that interfere with timely academic progress. He coaches middle school, high school and college students in organizational skills and time management strategies.

Diablo Valley Educational Therapy provides time challenged students with systems that enable students to hand in homework, weekly assignments or projects on time. When assignments are completed and handed in on time, grades improve dramatically and stresses are reduced.

Daily Routine: Time management techniques for the student includes developing a project plan for their homework each day. Student time management training includes:

  • Forming a project mindset so a student can practice prioritization, materials management and scheduling each day
  • Estimating time to complete each item on their schedule
  • comparing their time estimates to actual times to develop a realistic internal clock..

Weekly Routines: Once a student can manage a daily routine, their time management strategies and systems are expanded to a weekly routine for assignments that require more than one day to complete. Weekly Routines include:

  • Leveraging current brain science to create routine that maximizes the formation of long term memory
  • Expanding planning horizons from a daily to a weekly perspective resulting in improved test scores and essay grades
  • Reducing stress by eliminating late night studying, essay writing and project completion

Projects: The planning and organizational skills required for projects make them the most difficult school assignment for students to manage independently.  At Diablo Valley Educational Therapy, students learn time management techniques for project management which include:

  • Parsing the assignment and determining what is expected from the teacher
  • Breaking up project into incremental steps (reverse engineering)
  • Creating a timeline to track progress on project
  • Blending of project plan with daily and weekly homework routines

Log in to SmartBoard Files: All time management training sessions are developed using current curriculum from the classroom. Time management strategies are recorded on a digital SmartBoard. Log in to SmartBoard files includes:

  • Logging into an archive of time management lessons that are located in the cloud.
  • Utilizing the SmartBoard files to reinforce concepts between lessons
  • Opening up access to parents, teachers and other members of the students support team

Time Management Training Includes:

  • HiResCustomized Time Management Strategies
    • Supportive time management techniques
    • Efficient time management for students
  • Time management for teens: projects
    • Repeatable model utilized that can be generalized to all classes
    • Determining what the student requirements are for project and what the student will deliver to the teacher when the project is due
    • Determining a project materials list
    • Breaking projects into smaller definable increments
    • Estimating time to complete each increment
    • Scheduling completion of increments
    • Creation of project time line
    • Tracking progress of a project
    • Evaluating project plan and determining improvements to project model
  • Time management techniques include:
    • Readily accessible method for capturing homework assignments
    • Creating a homework project plan (planning process)
    • Development of Homework routines
    • Techniques to manage materials for homework and classroom
    • Routines for entering the classroom or home
    • Routines for leaving the classroom, school locker or home
    • Efficient note taking that evolves into a study guide for tests
    • Scheduled test preparation to maximize long term memory formation
    • Practiced mastery skills that become life long learning skills
    • Vital test taking strategies to leverage mastery of content areas
  • Student and Parent access to Time Management Training Sessions
    • Time management techniques are recorded on SmartBoard
    • SmartBoard digital files are available on line
    • Students and parents have password protected log-in to access time management training files
  • Skill Building
    • Reading comprehension skills
    • Pre-writing skills for essay writing
    • Utilization of higher order thinking involving analysis and evaluation

    Fees for Time Management Training

    • Hourly fees are $125 for a 55 minute session.